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    Social Series / FFA Tournament #1

    Downloading maps/gamertypes:

    1. Add the gamertag – “Dead tX”

    2. Bookmark the following maps/gametype through the Halo 5 profile “Dead tX” on Xbox One

    Maps: Truth FFA

    Gametype: Halo Australia FFA


    13/11/2016 at 12:00pm AEST

    Players will forfeit game 1 of round one if they are not online and ready to play by 12:15


    Additionally if you have waited on a team for more than 15 minutes message an admin. Also if players are continually disconnecting and holding up the tournament, disqualification may be considered.

    Map Pool

    • Truth FFA


    Semi Finals and Finals may be streamed on

    Referees – Gamertags

    Please message a referee or post in this forum if you have any disputes or problems during to comp.

    aD Lunchy, Dead tX, T1 Adz or Monza

    Groups (stage 1, 6 man,  Top 4 from each group go to next round)

    Group leaders are also responsible for being leaders of the lobby!

    How To Post Results

    1. Group leaders are in charge of results for the Group(s), you may post results like the example below:

    1st player, 2nd player, 3rd player, 4th player, 5th player, 6th player


    For any questions regarding the tournament please feel free to contact either myself, aD Lunchy, Monza or T1 Adz!


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