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    Hey guys, just curious on what everyone thinks of the new HCS forge maps getting put into Season 2, Would everyone like to play the HCS maps or would you prefer community chosen maps in our map rotation. We could pick a top 8 and vote for our top 2-3, Maps like Pit, Onslaught.




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    Community chosen maps in my opinion, bring back a few old maps from other games would be a lot of fun.



    I think we should play with the forge maps that get chosen for season 2 of HCS, and personally my favourite map out of them is Eden



    Community maps because them HCS forge maps are made for sprint. Maybe we could add Eden in for 6 maps



    Maps are trash. Go with what works. Cheers 🙂



    I’ll play Eden but not Epicborough, I watched the spawns on that at Irongames. Pretty bad spawns.



    Eden seems ok, would rather a good remake of Pit/Onslaught/Simplex. Anything to make Lockout Slayer rotation less common would be nice



    Simplex – Slayer/CTF

    Nexus -KOTH

    Pit – Slayer/CTF

    You could modify the size of all 3 maps and most players would pick them up quickly.



    new hcs maps are garbage imo. onslought and amped would be cool

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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